Running update

Wanted to post a quick update on the training for the half marathon which has not quite been going according to plan. It started well with some short-ish runs to get me back in the groove. Happily I found I still had 5 miles or so in my legs without trying too hard, so I was plodding along quite pleasantly thinking I had ages until the Reading half on 1st April.

Unfortunately two things have since happened. The first was a reoccurrence of an old knee injury. It’s nothing serious but does stop me from training as much as I’d like. However it’s not insurmountable and tends to just quietly go away of its own accord after a few weeks.

The worst thing that’s happened is I’ve realised I’ve got a fixture clash! One of my best friend’s weddings is the day before the scheduled race!! There’s no conceivable way that I’m not going to properly enjoy her big day with her and be distracted by the race the next day. So, I’ve pulled out and instead am currently hunting for another half to enter around the same time. Bath half is in March…but I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for that. So I’ve suddenly gone from having bags of time to having not much at all. Rats.

To combat this I’ve started following a new training plan which is from a book called ‘Run less, run faster’. Sounds ideal doesn’t it? Well the reason you get to run less is because the runs you do are pretty intense. So I’m going to see how I get on with the new plan over Christmas and make a decision in early January whether to step on the gas and aim for the Bath half on 11 March, or if I wait and find another race in late April after my friend’s wedding. Whatever happens I’ll still be running in aid of Help for Heroes to raise some money and spur myself on with an incentive for a fantastic cause.

I’ll keep you posted!


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Start-up founder, writer, connector, librarian's daughter. Interested in learning, HR, technology, online, media, marketing, fashion and cricket. Not always in that order. The views expressed here are solely my own and do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the company I work for currently, or those I've worked for in the past.
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4 Responses to Running update

  1. Colin Steed says:

    Good luck with the training Kate but a word of warning. The troublesome knee flaring up is telling you something. Have you had professional advice? I admire the tenacity you bring to everything you do but beware of arthritis setting in on that knee if you keep damaging it. I have seen the unbearable pain it can bring in later years. But good luck with helping HFH!


    • kategraham23 says:

      Thanks Colin, your comment’s much appreciated 🙂

      Martin Belton, my partner in crime at Ascot Comms now, is one of those who suffers from arthritis having been a sub three hour marathon runner in his day so I do seek his advice. I’ve got an appointment to get new shoes and a running analysis done but I also try to listen to my body and rest when I need to. This new programme is also designed to minimise any injury. But we’ll see – if my body isn’t ready by March then so be it and I’ll set myself a new challenge!


  2. Hi Kate
    Colin’s advice is good – if the knee won’t take the jarring of running then it is wise to try something else – how about power walking – different code often combined with running races so you will meet all your friends there – my wife and I did it in S Africa for 17 years – 20000 kms plus and lots of marathons and half marathons and beyond – and no knee injuries because the action is smoother. I’ll teach you when we meet. Walking at pace is metabolically very demanding and the ladies say it certainly keeps the bits in trim that I know are their great concern!


  3. kategraham23 says:

    Thanks Nic, I must confess, part of the motivation is staying trim! I’d be interested to hear more about it when we meet 🙂


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