New year’s resolutions

It’s that time of year when we make (and might have already broken!) new year’s resolutions.

I have made a set of resolutions, but prefer to call them goals. I’m a very goal oriented person and tend to set myself targets throughout the year anyway. Most recently, I made a short, targeted list of goals when I left REDTRAY. Some were obviously professional goals but others were related to my personal life and my unending revisits to my health and fitness regime (groan). So new year for me is simply a good excuse to look back on the goals I set myself then, evaluate my progress and update them for 2012. No doubt at some point during the year I’ll revisit them again. Or something might come along that inspires me to set new goals for myself – I often find a new interest or hobby will do that for me.

As a serial list maker, I like to write my goals down in a notebook to crystalise them and make them ‘real’. I find it helps me focus and realise that now I’ve written them down I really need to do something to achieve them. I write them in a rather beautiful notebook I was given as a present, not on my new iPad or online somewhere. I don’t know why but it feels more personal in my notebook somehow. I also like the sense of satisfaction when I’ve achieved something and can cross it out πŸ™‚

I’m not going to bore you with my resolutions here but they are varied across my personal and professional worlds and aren’t too many in number so I’m challenging myself without being unrealistic. They do however include my aim to run a half marathon which is a goal I’ll be blogging about as the year goes on (training has already started in earnest post Christmas and suffice to say I’m aching like mad, although happily injury free). I’m really keen to hear if you set yourself resolutions in the new year, or is it something we should do all year round? Or are you like Calvin below and think you’re pretty perfect the way you are anyway?! Your thoughts are, as always, most welcome.


About kategraham23

Start-up founder, writer, connector, librarian's daughter. Interested in learning, HR, technology, online, media, marketing, fashion and cricket. Not always in that order. The views expressed here are solely my own and do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the company I work for currently, or those I've worked for in the past.
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