e-Learning for exercise

At present I’m on something of an exercise kick. Regular readers will know that I am a bit of a novice runner with aspirations of taking part in a half marathon this year. Circumstances beyond my control have meant I can’t do the Reading half marathon as planned so I’m currently deciding what other race to enter. And with the immediate pressure removed for every workout needing to be a run, I’ve started looking at incorporating other exercise into my regime.

A friend of mine who’s very fit has very kindly created a gym workout for me with some weights and other horrible things like squats and lunges involved. On his advice, I tapped up another mutual friend who’s also a fitness freak for some help with what abdominal exercises to do that aren’t just sit ups or crunches.

Unfortunately this friend lives in Swansea which is not very convenient. He called me to explain the exercises to me but we got all tied up in knots with me trying to visualise what on earth he was talking about and not being able to picture it at all!

So I suggested he film himself on his smart phone, going through each exercise in turn and explaining to me what I needed to do step by step. These videos can then be sent to me via Dropbox and I can go through them, confidently starting my regime knowing I’m doing the right thing and I’m not going to cause myself any injuries.

e-Learning for exercise. Simples.


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2 Responses to e-Learning for exercise

  1. Kim George says:

    Brilliant Kate – I love how you think beyond the obvious or immediate wherever you can to solve problems or to make something happen quicker/easier/cheaper!

    All the best with the exercise! Let me know if you ever fancy playing netball!


  2. kategraham23 says:

    Thanks Kim, I’m really excited to see how well it works. Although, when I told my friend he was creating e-learning he was a bit nonplussed I have to say!


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