The importance of consistency

Readers of this blog will know I’m on something of a mission to train for a half marathon later this year. Actually it’s not very far away now – it’s in less than two months! Ever since the start of this year I have slowly (oh so slowly) but surely got into the groove and totted up the miles. To the point where I have reached 11 miles – albeit slow ones – in total on my longest runs. Pretty good right?

But then along came my lovely holidays. One week in Menorca saw me pack up my trainers and take them with me on Easyjet. It was waaaaay too hot to run very far but I did manage to get in some interval sessions. I then came home for a week and was incredibly busy so didn’t manage to run at all. Mr G and I then went camping for a week, during which time I faithfully packed up my trainers again and got in a couple of short runs in the glorious English countryside.

However, despite my efforts, this hasn’t really been enough. Up until my holidays I was following a specific training programme, worked out by experts, which clearly worked if it can get me up to 11 miles.

Having deviated from that programme, I went out for a run this Sunday and whilst it was really hot and muggy, I couldn’t get away from the fact that 5 miles was harder than it should have been. I lost the consistency of my regime and that’s been quite damaging to my progress. I ended up in quite a bad mood on Sunday after struggling through the miles!

I’m glad to be back into a routine now and to that end have entered a 10k next month to spur me on and hopefully get me ready for the big day when the half rolls around in October.

Lesson learned on this particular occasion though: I need to keep doing what the experts tell me and keep doing it consistently if I want to reach my goal.

As a post script, I am really looking forward to the keynote at this year’s Learning Live event. It’s from Professor Greg Whyte who coached Eddie Izzard through his Sports Relief marathons, so I’ll hopefully pick up some good tips on performance in time for my race!


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