Crowd sourced learning offers opportunity for earning

Let’s face it, paying for training is usually expensive. How would you like me to offer you the best value training on using learning technology, instructional design and learning best practice you’ll probably ever get? Interested? Then read on.

The new venture I’m involved with is providing a unique opportunity for UK plc and I wanted to talk about it a bit here. mylearningworx is (as detailed in a previous post) the UK’s first crowd sourced hub for learning. What it does is let people take whatever knowledge and skills they have, on any subject, and either share it for the good of their fellow man, or sell it online and potentially make some money.

Piles of moneyAuthors set their own fees and it’s at their discretion if they’d just like to share their knowledge for free. Ratings and feedback on the courses help learners choose the right content for them based on their development requirements (and make sure they’re getting value for money). Content will cover anything and everything from IT skills to baking. Everyone’s good at something – what do you know that you could share? We’ve already got courses on the site from our beta testers that include how to get started with oil painting, learning Latin and copy writing. My mum is creating a course on how to make curtains (in fact, she’s got a whole series planned on sewing and clothes alterations – I’m sure she’s hoping I take them all so I’ll do my own sewing in the future). If you sit down for five minutes and think about it, there’ll definitely be something you can think of that you could make a course on.

Get in on the action
Our event next week is all about showing you how to take that knowledge and turn it into online courses. mylearningworx represents a new opportunity for people to generate income at a time when things are not great in the economy. Last week there was a lot of reporting about people being ‘underemployed’, there has always been a lack of truly flexible ways of working and yesterday’s autumn statement was not exactly upbeat. But creating online learning is something that can be done on people’s own time to suit their own schedule, fitting in an activity that can generate an income around existing family and work commitments.

There’s also no specialist equipment required, just a computer and an internet connection. Many content creation tools are either free or come as standard on either PCs or Macs. There are no real barriers to getting started, and authors in the US are already earning thousands of dollars in income for their courses

The best value instructional design training you’ll ever get
Next week’s event represents the best value training of this nature you’ll ever get. It’s going to be a fun day with some real experts in the field and only lasts between 10am – 3pm. We’re being hosted by Google Campus in London on Thursday 13 December. It costs just £9 to attend and will provide all the information you need to get started with creating great online learning content. Visit for full details.


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