Learning Technologies: Tune into the back channel (Part two)

LT logoFollowing on from my blog post earlier this week, here’s some more information on how to get the most out of the Learning Technologies 2013 back channel.

Session hashtags

As there’s soooo much going on at the event, this year the conference sessions will have individual hashtags. So if you’re following using TweetChat or something similar, you can search on the specific sessions to keep your focus on a particular topic. Below is a list of these hashtags and which of our tweeters is covering those sessions. Hopefully you can start following them in advance and really hone in on any areas of interest during the event. Note, the keynotes and opening addresses won’t have individual hashtags. For the full conference programme, click here.

Click here to download a PDF with all the individual session hashtags, speaker links and details of who’s covering which sessions.

For all the Twitter handles of the team covering the sessions, see part one of this blog. I’ll be playing a bit of an editor at large role but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what I’m covering and when.

Official app

1358723133_iphoneThe official conference app is now ready to download on iOS, Android and Blackberry (yay!) The good folk over at Epic have been working hard to include all the details of the different conference sessions and the free seminar programme. You can download it now to get the latest information on all these sessions, the exhibitors, speakers and more here.

Other stuff

HeadBangAn extra hashtag I’ve been made aware of is from the team at Elearnity. Their session at the conference is going to be a little different and is designed for their analysts to answer your toughest questions and frustrations in L&D. Aptly called #LT13headbang (it’s about things that make you want to bang your head – geddit?!) this hashtag is designed for you to ask your questions either in advance or during their session (whether you’re there or not!) so use it to put their analysts to the test.

I also came across this great little blog post, which has some great advice if you’re visiting the exhibition next week. It can be easy to get distracted with everything that’s going on, and these are sensible tips for those visiting with a specific purpose or fact finding mission.

Towards Maturity has also created a great list of ’27 reasons to visit Learning Technologies 2013’ which is worth checking out here.

The third – and final – part of my pre-event blog will follow on Monday just ahead of the show itself. I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions or recommendations for getting the most out of the event and the back channel, whether you’re there or not. Tweet me @kategraham23 or feel free to drop me a comment below.

See you next week!



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