Learning and Skills Group Conference 2013: Tune into the back channel

Well a new blog entry is long overdue! Shows what a busy year 2013 has been so far. And what better way to get back into the groove than with a fantastic L&D event?

After a virtual conference last year, a newly refurbished London Olympia once again hosts the annual Learning and Skills Group Conference. The Learning and Skills Group conference will take place next Tuesday 18th June 2 and will explore some of the main themes from the Learning Technologies event in January, the monthly webinar series and online discussions on the Learning and Skills Group community site. And I am privileged once again to be working with Don Taylor and the organisers to bring you a back channel  that is worthy of such a great event.

Learning Technologies Summer Forum
This year, there’s also a new addition alongside the conference, the first ever Learning Technologies Summer Forum. This is an exhibition hosted on the same floor as the conference. It’s a brand new event and there is an exciting free seminar programme which adds an extra dimension to the conference sessions that you can see here.

So what’s happening on the back channel?
As always, I wanted to let you know a little bit more about what we’re up to and who to follow so you can get the most out of it. That’s whether you’re attending the conference, the exhibition or following from afar. There are so many international members of the LSG who can’t be with us, as well as those in the UK who can’t be there, but we’re aiming to help you enjoy it and bring you the very best insights and coverage. Anyone can join the LSG so if you’re not already a member, sign up here.

The main place of interaction will be on Twitter. You don’t have to have a Twitter account to follow the back channel, just search for www.twitter.com/#LSG13.

If you’re not already signed up, I’d encourage you to give Twitter a go. Even if you only start by following what is happening at the event. I know so many people who now get so much value from being a part of the interactions and conversations that happen on Twitter. It’s a great opportunity to reach out worldwide and build a PLN (Personal Learning Network) – and this is such a good excuse to take your first steps into the Twitterverse.

As well as following on Twitter, you can also register on Lanyrd as a way of connecting with other attendees (hat tip to Craig Taylor for setting this up).

The team
I’m lucky to be joined again by a brilliant team of LSG members who’ll be covering what’s going on during sessions and across the event as a whole. You can see below who’s covering what and if you’re not following them on Twitter, start now so you’re all ready for next week.

Don Taylor (Conference Chairman) – @DonaldHTaylor
Learning Technologies official feed – @LT13UK
Me – @kategraham23
Alex Watson – @s0ngb1rd
Barbara Thompson – @CaribThompson
Julian Staddon – @JulianStaddon
Lesley Price – @lesleywprice
Martin Belton – @martinb66
Dan Roddy – @danroddy

Plus keep your eyes peeled for Martin Couzins – @martincouzins – who’ll be doing some live blogging and capturing all sorts of video and insights for his site Learn Patch.

To follow the action
To focus in on what’s happening follow the hashtag #LSG13. Try and use this if you’re tweeting (whether you’re there or not!) The team and I would love to be able to bring your thoughts and questions into sessions even if you’re not able to be there. So if you’re following the back channel, don’t be scared to pipe up and join in!

So we can cut through some of the ‘noise’ on Twitter, each conference session will also have its own individual hashtag so you can just tune into what individual speakers are saying. Note, the keynotes and opening and closing addresses won’t have individual hashtags. For the full conference programme, click here.

Keynote: Work, learning and living in the future – Gerd Leonhard

Session one: 11.30 – 12.30

  • Open learning: opportunity or threat – Steve Wheeler #T1S1 (Covered by Barbara Thompson and Alex Watson)
  • Ensuring true interaction in live online learning – Phil Green #T2S1 (Covered by Julian Staddon)
  • The seven habits of highly aligned L&D teams – Laura Overton #T3S1 (Covered by Dan Roddy and Kate Graham)
  • Learning resources: how long is long enough? – Stephanie Dedhar #T4S1 (Covered by Lesley Price)

Session two: 14.00 – 15.00

  • The TinCan API: connecting the dots with data – Megan Bowe #T1S2 (Covered by Julian Staddon, Alex Watson and Dan Roddy)
  • Using open badges for accreditation – Doug Belshaw #T2S2  (Covered by Barbara Thompson)
  • Big data: a guide for those without a love of statistics – Nigel Paine #T3S2 (Covered by Martin Belton and Lesley Price)
  • Lessons from the virtual playing field – Ben Betts #T4S2 (Covered by Kate Graham)

Session three: 15.30 – 16.30

  • Moving to social learning – Harold Jarche #T1S3 (Covered by Barbara Thompson and Lesley Price)
  • The learning design challenge – Julie Wedgwood #T2S3 (Covered by Kate Graham)
  • Mobile devices: learning and the mind – Chris Atherton #T3S3 (Covered by Julian Staddon, Dan Roddy and Alex Watson)
  • The TinCan API workshop: putting the Experienced API to work – Megan Bowe #T4S3 (Covered by Martin Belton)

No doubt there’ll be lots of other folk their tweeting and sharing their thoughts so do tune in and I’ll be doing my best to curate useful thoughts and resources throughout the event and beyond. If you’ve got any additional information you think would be useful, please do leave it in the comments below.

See you (in person or online!) next week


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Start-up founder, writer, connector, librarian's daughter. Interested in learning, HR, technology, online, media, marketing, fashion and cricket. Not always in that order. The views expressed here are solely my own and do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the company I work for currently, or those I've worked for in the past.
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