Learning Technologies 2014: Join in wherever you are

Hammersmith and Fulham-20120125-00133It was recently dubbed ‘the greatest show on earth’ – albeit by someone who, in his own words, needs to get out more – but yes, it’s time for the annual Learning Technologies conference and exhibition. As chair of the backchannel, I’m looking forward to a busy couple of days bringing you all the latest from the world of learning and development, whether you’re attending in person or following from afar.

The back channel
There are multiple ways to tune into the backchannel. Firstly there’s the Learning and Skills Group community sit where members will be posting and links will be available to resources from the event. Anyone can join the LSG for free so if you’re not already a member, sign up here: http://learningandskillsgroup.ning.com/

Myself and other members of the backchannel team will be live blogging, or reflecting on what we’ve seen after the event. Relevant links will be publicised as soon as they become available. And the main place of interaction will be on Twitter. You don’t have to have a Twitter account to follow the back channel, just search for www.twitter.com/#LT14UK.

Although now’s as good a time as any to sign up if you’re not already on Twitter. Even if you only start by following what is happening at the event. I know so many people who now get so much value from being a part of the interactions and conversations that happen on Twitter. It’s a great opportunity to reach out worldwide and build a PLN (Personal Learning Network) – and this is such a good excuse to take your first steps into the Twitterverse.

As well as following on Twitter, you can also register on Lanyrd as a way of connecting with other attendees: http://lanyrd.com/2014/lt14uk/

The team
Opening address
I’m joined by a fantastic team of learning professionals this year who’ll be helping me cover what’s going on during sessions and across the event as a whole. My next post will details who’s covering which session, but for now, if you’re not following the people below on Twitter, start now so you’re all ready for next week.

Don Taylor (Conference Chairman) – @DonaldHTaylor
Learning Technologies official feed – @LT14UK
Me – @kategraham23
Nic Laycock – @alc47
Alex Watson – @s0ngb1rd
Joan Keevill – @designs_joank
Kim George – @kimsgeorge
Susie Finch – @susiefinch
Lee Jones – @ljones8500
Hannah Gore – @HRGore
Sukh Pabial – @sukhpabial
Jo Cook – @lightbulbjo
Ollie Gardner – @olliegardener

Also, check out:
David Kelly – @LnDDave (curator of resources and all round L&D guru!)

Martin Couzins – @martincouzins (who runs the really useful L&D media start-up LearnPatch)

Each of us will be in different sessions throughout the conference, live tweeting and bringing you all the latest.

To follow the action
To focus in on what’s happening follow the hashtag #LT14UK. And if you’re tweeting (whether you’re there or not) use #LT14UK in your tweets. The team and I would love to be able to bring your thoughts and questions into sessions even if you’re not able to be there. So if you’re following the back channel, don’t be scared to pipe up and join in!

So we can cut through some of the ‘noise’ on Twitter, each conference session will also have its own individual hashtag so you can just tune into what Itiel Dror or Matthew Syed or any of the other speakers are saying. Again, details will be posted here so you can plan in advance which sessions you most want to follow.

And if you’re attending the event, the organisers have arranged for big screens all around the exhibition and the conference so you can follow the back channel and see who’s saying what in real time.

What else is happening?
Fusion Universal seminar
More is to come over the next few days, but on top of conference sessions, visiting the exhibition and catching up with your fellow L&D professionals, here are some activities taking place that you might want to check out:

I’ll be posting more over the next few days building up to the event with details of speakers (including Twitter handles and where to find them) and conference sessions (including individual hashtags) and more details on how we can make the most of the back channel together.

See you next week


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