Learning Technologies 2016: Everything you need to know

IMG_20150129_171540932Yes it’s that time of year again and the build up to Learning Technologies 2016 has begun. It just wouldn’t be January without a massive to do list and lots of late nights working, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! As chair of the backchannel for the event, I am writing a number of posts between now and the event previewing all the different activity to try and help you get the most out of it, whether you are attending in person or following from afar.

The backchannel
It all starts with the main conference hashtag #LT16UK. This is used on all conference tweets and is used by exhibitors and attendees of the Learning Technologies part of the exhibition. There is also the Learning and Skills hashtag #LAS16UK but if you’re following the conference, then tune in via #LT16UK. In order to help followers cut through the huge numbers of tweets, we use individual session hashtags as well as the one for the overall event e.g. Welcome to this session on the future of technology #LT16Uk #T1S1. The details of the hashtags for each session will be published in a later (longer!) post. In addition to tweets, there will be blog posts, LinkedIn updates and live videos from Periscope.

Meet the team
In the meantime though, here is your fantastic team of L&D folk who will all bring their unique insights and perspectives to the backchannel. Some you might know, others you won’t. Hopefully this is an opportunity to make some new connections and expand your network as well as the chance to tune into all the action.

Michelle Parry-Slater Michelle Parry-Slater – @MiPS1608

Alistair Cockroft Alistair Cockroft – @acockroft

Susie Finch Susie Finch – @susiefinch

Julie Drybrough Julie Drybrough – @fuchsia_blue

Andy Nock Andy Nock – @andynock83

Sam Taylor Sam Taylor – @samt_el

Dorian Dandridge Dorian Dandridge – @ageingworkforce

Sarah Hetherington Sarah Hetherington – @SarahLHeth

Kim George Kim George – @KimSGeorge

Also don’t forget to follow:

Don Taylor (Conference Chairman) – @DonaldHTaylor
Learning Technologies official feed – @LT16UK
Learning and Skills official feed – @LAS16UK
(And me – @kategraham23)

My next post will detail who is covering which sessions. We are also once again running Google Hangouts and the ‘Room of Reflection’ so full details of that will also be shared over the next few days. In addition to the twet

Learning Technologies 2016 Survey
I am also excited to be a part of the new Learning Technologies 2016 research in my new role. Hundreds and hundreds of learning professionals have already taken part in the pre-event survey, and there are some fascinating results.These will be shared for the first time live on 3 and 4 February at the event, with a whole programme of insight to follow throughout the year. If you haven’t taken part yet then have your say here.

More to come soon and as always, if you have any feedback or thoughts on how we can make the most of this learning opportunity, let me know.



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