HR Tech World Spring: Links and resources

HR Tech World LondonUnfortunately, a random bout of tonsilitis has kept me away from the energy, excitement and insight at this week’s HR Tech World Spring in London. Gutted doesn’t cover it. But from my sick bed I am going to do my best David Kelly imitation (it’s the sincerest form of flattery, right?) and try to curate as many useful links and resources as I can that relate to the event. Hopefully you’ll find it useful and if you have anything else to add then just let me know. Thanks to everyone tweeting from the event and keeping me (and thousands of others around the world) up to date with all the latest. Particular hat tips to David Green, Andy Spence, Mervyn Dinnen, Emma Barrow and Christop Vanden Eede.

Official sites and research

The guys at HRN who are behind this event do a great job of involving the blogging community directly on their own site. Don’t miss all the different contributors and the wide range of insight you can find here on the HRN blog.

Copies of key presentations from last year’s Paris event and London (coming soon) can be found on the HR Tech World Congress SlideShare and also downloaded directly here.

Another heads up is to have a look at the HRN YouTube channel which has tons of archive interviews and footage, which will no doubt be updated with new content from London very shortly.

Fosway Group (full disclosure, this is the organisation I work for) partners with HRN to deliver targeted research on the Critical Realities of HR in Europe. All the reports are freely available to download here on the Fosway website.

Links from the live feed

Keynote: Simon Sinek website
Simon Sinek’s TED talk
Peter Hinssen: The network always wins (not his talk from this event but useful nonetheless)
Cornerstone’s live Storify style blog
Zipconomy live blog: HR Tech World overview (in Dutch)
Zipconomy live blog: Simon Sinek (in Dutch)
Zipconomy live blog: Peter Hinssen (in Dutch)
Zipconomy live blog: HR disruptors (in Dutch)
Zipconomy live blog: Josh Bersin (in Dutch)
Zipconomy live blog: Jason Averbrook (in Dutch)
Zipconomy live blog: Dirk Stoltenberg (in Dutch)
Instant chemistry: Inspiring leaders get it on with disruptive tech
Free ebook: Internal Social Networks The Smart Way
Drowning in tools
Cartoons from HR Tech World by Virpi Oinonen
Network of teams
5 videos that tackle or highlight unconscious bias

Post-event reflections and write-ups

Top 5 takeaways from HR Tech World
HR technology: Don’t start with payroll
Rolls-Royce Cloud HR project will pay for itself in two years
5 trends from HR Tech World Spring (in French)
Five things we learned at HR Tech World
HR Tech World round-up
10 key takeaways from HR Tech Spring

HR Tech World Spring – Coffee Break Cut
Review: HR Tech World
HR Tech World addresses the gender balance in tech
HR is dead…long live HR!
HR Tech World’s disruptHR: The ones to watch
Five themes from HR Tech World London
Digital reinvents recruitment….for the third time!

Related reading

HR Zone event preview
10 things to see at HR Tech World London
Countdown to HR Tech World
5 top tips for getting the most out of HR Tech World London
5 ways HR and recruiting could buck the trend
Why talent management needs to change
The quantified workplace: Technology vs trust
Digital HR
IBM CHRO study
Battling bias with data
Why day one is important

I’m sure there’s other links and resources I might have missed, plus there’ll be more to add once people reflect and share their thoughts via their own blogs etc. Keep checking back for more useful content and do let me know if you have a resource to share here.


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