The who, what, where and when of Learning Technologies 2017

Following my previous post on the Learning Technologies 2017 social team, here are the details on who’s covering what, where and when. Our contributors will be working hard to share insights and key takeaways from every single session of the conference. Remember, we use individual session hashtags so you can hone in on the specifics of certain topics or presentations. So, if you particularly want to know what John Stepper has to say (and from the pre-event buzz, many of you do!) then you can just search #T1S5. All session tags are detailed below (we don’t have specific tags for the keynotes because SO many people share from these that you can just follow the overall #LT17UK hashtag and keep up). Contributors’ Twitter handles are shown below – check the previous post for details if you don’t already follow them.

Note, for the first time this year there will be lunchtime sessions running during the conference. These have their own hashtags and will be worth following although, as with the keynotes, we don’t have designated coverage for these sessions.

Day one: Keynote: 09.30 – 10.40: Future change – living and learning in the connected society, Thimon de Jong

Thimon de Jong runs a think tank specialising in future human behaviour, societal change and business strategy. He is an experienced keynote presenter and leadership trainer and has worked for clients like Morgan Stanley and Vodafone. In this year’s opening keynote, he will share an inspiring blend of research eye opening business cases from around the world that will help you reframe and possibly reinvent your work in learning.

Day one: 11.10 – 12.20

Day one: 12.20 – 13.50 – Lunchtime

Day one: 13.50 – 15.00

Day one: 15.30 – 16.40

Day two: Keynote: 09.30 – 10.40: Story for learning and learning from story, Deborah Frances-White

Deborah Frances-White is a comedian, screenwriter and executive coach. Her corporate clients include Facebook, PWC and JP Morgan. Her keynote will explore why too much training is simply dispensing information – often in fun and palatable ways – but when information isn’t ordered in narrative it is easier to disengage and far more difficult to retain. Discover how the most sophisticated content or dry facts can be presented as a compelling and gripping story.

Day two: 11.10 – 12.20

Day two: 12.20 – 13.50 – Lunchtime

Day two: 13.50 – 15.00

Day two: 15.30 – 16.40

Excitingly this year, we’ll be interviewing speakers on video and capturing the reflections of the social media team on their key takeaways. I’m excited about getting into the detail and helping share new ideas and insights in more different ways. For the full conference programme and to pick which sessions you’d like to tune into, click here. There is also a programme of seminars in the exhibition which is full to bursting. So place your bets, choose your sessions and I look forward to seeing you there or online – learning Glastonbury awaits!


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