And just like that

To borrow the title of the Sex and the City reboot, I’m back. After forever away from this site, I’m back.

Why? My motive is simple and to borrow again, this time from the inimitable Danny Seals – ABC. Always Be Capturing. My not-so-new role at UNLEASH is a privilege and enables me to talk to people about their projects and stories everyday, right the way across HR tech, learning tech, recruiting and beyond.

From CHROs to vendors, analysts and other industry insiders, I am learning SO much. But the pace is busy and time to reflect is scarce. So I’m going to try the ABC method right here as my mechanism for capturing the lessons learned, key takeaways and anything else I come across that will serve me – and possibly you, should you care to read this.

Aiming to do a post a day. Let’s see if that happens. Watch this space…

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