Learning Technologies 2019: Backchannel and social media team

Learning Technologies 2019 is nearly upon us. A new date, a new venue…the stage is set for the greatest learning show on earth, including the continued commitment of the event to its social media coverage via a dedicated team of L&D professionals. Here’s the upfront information you need to know in order to turn on, tune in and um, learn lots…

The backchannel

As ever, the place to have eyes on is the main conference hashtag #LT19UK. This is used on all conference updates across social media. We’ll be using Twitter of course but also branching out across other channels like Instagram and embracing this year’s use of video tool Storytagger. If you haven’t checked out the conference speakers previewing their sessions then check them out via that link. This main hashtag is used by exhibitors and attendees of the Learning Technologies part of the exhibition. It’s a great way of tapping into people to meet, things to read and what to see before the event, not just during.

Our contributors will be working hard to share insights and key takeaways from every single session of the conference. We use individual session hashtags so you can hone in on the specifics of certain topics or presentations. So, if you particularly want to know what an individual speaker has to say then you can just search #T1S5 for example. All session tags are detailed below (we don’t have specific tags for the keynotes because so many people share from these that you can just follow the overall #LT19UK hashtag and keep up).

The 2019 team

Here are the people that will be capturing the action and reflecting on what they’ve heard at the conference. If you’re not already connected with these experienced L&D folk, this is a unique opportunity to make some new connections and expand your network as well as tuning into all the action.

Michelle Parry-Slater – @MiPS1608

Joan Keevill – @Designs_JoanK

Adam Harwood – @adamharwood26

Patrick Mullarkey – @mentormullarkey

Nick Welch – @primedmedia

Anthony Williams – @bullsboy

Lizzie Rhodes James – @LRJPerformance

Fiona McBride – @fionamcbride

Stephen Walsh – @stephentwalsh

Kim Edwards – @kimsedwards_

Christine Locher – @christinelocher

Gareth Harris –@eDevelopmentUK

(And me – @kategraham23)

Also, don’t forget to follow:

Don Taylor (Conference Chairman) – @DonaldHTaylor

Learning Technologies official feed – @LT19UK

Day one: Keynote: Can we be candid? Learning at the intersection of risk, change, machine and meaning – Marcia Conner

Day one: 11.15 – 12.25

#T1S1 – Emerging technologies: Dani Johnson and David Kelly (Covered by Adam Harwood and Nick Welch)

#T2S1 – Learning leadership: Nigel Paine, Rachel Hutchinson and Gayle Tong (Covered by Anthony Williams and Lizzie Rhodes James)

#T3S1 – Collaborative learning: Kate Cooper and Gemma Critchley (Covered by Fiona McBride and Stephen Walsh)

#T4S1 – Agility in learning: Graham Hill and Katherine Ward (Kim Edwards and Christine Locher)

#T5S1 – Learning evaluation: Will Thalheimer (Covered by Patrick Mullarkey and Michelle Parry-Slater)

Day one: Lunchtime sessions

#L1S1 – Crowd sourced support for your L&D issues: Nigel Paine (Covered by Michelle Parry-Slater)

 Day one: 13.55 – 15.05

#T1S2 – Virtual and augmented reality: Ryan Peterson and James Barton (Covered by Adam Harwood and Nick Welch)

#T2S2 – Learning technology landscape: David Wilson and David Perring (Covered by Kate Graham and Lizzie Rhodes James)

#T3S2 – Compliance: Louise Vamvoukaki and Sean Brown (Covered by Anthony Williams and Gareth Harris)

#T4S2 – Video for learning: Barbara Thompson and Jaco van der Worp (Covered by Kim Edwards and Christine Locher)

#T5S2 – The L&D profession: Vikki Liogier and Michelle Ockers (Covered by Fiona McBride and Patrick Mullarkey)

Day one: 15.50 – 17.00

#T1S3 – Games and learning: Karl Kapp (Covered by Patrick Mullarkey and Gareth Harris)

#T2S3 – 21st century learning: Jane Hart and Sunder Ramachandran (Covered by Lizzie Rhodes James)

#T3S3 – Learning analytics: Trish Uhl (Covered by Christine Locher and Michelle Parry-Slater)

#T4S3 – Design methodologies: Cathy Moore (Covered by Fiona McBride and Nick Welch)

#T5S3 – Learning innovation: Rob Hubbard (Covered by Adam Harwood)

Day two: The future of work: technology, myths and the importance of learning – Daniel Susskind

Day two: 11.15 – 12.25

#T1S4 – Future learning: Trish Uhl (Covered by Kate Graham)

#T2S4 – Learning culture: Laura Overton (Covered by Joan Keevill)

#T3S4 – Marketing learning: Shannon Tipton (Covered by Kim Edwards and Christine Locher)

#T4S4 – Curation: Mike Taylor (Covered by Stephen Walsh)

#T5S4 – Self-directed learning: Jane Bozarth (Covered by Fiona McBride)

Day two: Lunchtime session: 12.40 – 13.20

#L2S2 – Women in learning: Lorna Matty, Mirjam Neelen, Niki Virdee

Day two: 13.55 – 15.05

#T1S5 – Digital transformation: Euan Semple (Covered by Christine Locher)

#T2S5 – Data-fuelled learning: Hannah Gore, Lori Niles-Hoffman and Nick Coley (Covered by Fiona McBride)

#T3S5 – Business-aligned learning: Krystyna Gadd and Jason Flynn (Covered by Kim Edwards)

#T4S5 – Content design: Lucia Capobianco and Ivana Dragic-Topic (Covered by Nick Welch and Gareth Harris)

#T5S5 – Learning systems: Michael Redford, Steph Wild and Tom Dove-Wallington (Covered by Joan Keevill and Anthony Williams)

Day two: 15.50 – 17.00

#T1S6 – Artificial Intelligence: Matt Wicks and James Cook (Covered by Joan Keevill)

#T2S6 – Learning ecosystems: Ger Driesen (Covered by Stephen Walsh and Christine Locher)

#T3S6 – L&D on a budget: Andrew Jacobs and Di MacDonald (Covered by Fiona McBride)

#T4S6 – Campaign-based learning: Peta Young, Morvern Scott and Florence Dambricourt (Covered by Anthony Williams)

#T5S6 – MOOCs: Marlo Kengen, Petra Peeters and Gabriel Schaepman (Covered by Kate Graham)

For the full conference programme and to pick which sessions you’d like to tune into, click here.

There is also a programme of seminars in the exhibition which is full to bursting here.

And so, to ExCel (don’t go to Olympia, please, we won’t be there!) Learning Glastonbury awaits!

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