It’s all part of the process

Firstly, for those of you who aren’t Morcheeba fans, you can listen to the song of the same title here and thank me later. Secondly, this post is mostly reflection on what it takes to get results or make progress towards your goals. Mine this year are about consistency, which is why I wanted to… Continue reading It’s all part of the process

The best laid plans

Fairly typical. Start the new year off with the best of intentions but then they can quickly get derailed! My writing plans haven’t completely fallen by the wayside, but I have tested positive for Covid unfortunately. My head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton wool so my ability to reflect on my learning points from… Continue reading The best laid plans

Challenging conventional wisdom

Innovation is often cited as a reason for embracing and implementing new HR technology; pushing change through in an organisation, advancing its capabilities, providing cutting edge tools and platforms for its staff etc. I have some research live at the moment which is exploring ‘Why HR Projects Succeed’ and this is an area of investigation… Continue reading Challenging conventional wisdom


Why aren’t there more women in senior roles in learning? This question, based on research by Donald H Taylor on women in the industry, has provoked a lot of debate in the past few weeks, culminating in a special panel session at Learning Technologies 2019. The stats (below) are stark. So what’s to be done?… Continue reading #WomeninLearning

Learning Technologies 2019: Backchannel and social media team

Learning Technologies 2019 is nearly upon us. A new date, a new venue…the stage is set for the greatest learning show on earth, including the continued commitment of the event to its social media coverage via a dedicated team of L&D professionals. Here’s the upfront information you need to know in order to turn on,… Continue reading Learning Technologies 2019: Backchannel and social media team

Meet the new wave of learning

’ve been going to events about learning for a long time now (no I am not going to tell you how many years), so it’s always refreshing to hear new ideas and think about different ways to tackle some of the challenges facing L&D. And that’s the goal of the ‘new wave of learning’ panel… Continue reading Meet the new wave of learning

Learning Technologies Summer Forum Meetup

If you’re in London the night before the Learning Technologies Summer Forum on Monday 11th June 2018, I’m once again rounding up any waifs and strays to get together, talk shop and meet fellow attendees before the event. We did this the night before the January event and at least 40 L&D folk came along… Continue reading Learning Technologies Summer Forum Meetup

UNLEASH: Is disruption the new normal?

At the end of 2017, HR Tech World rebranded as UNLEASH – an exciting new look for an organisation already disrupting the polite world of HR events. Fast forward a few months and I am en route to attend UNLEASH London. When I was choosing my sessions in the build up to the event, trying… Continue reading UNLEASH: Is disruption the new normal?